About Tangoseed
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Tangoseed is the brainchild of Alden Stevens and Barbara Warren, two longtime Tango teachers. Their goal is to spread the love and learning of Tango without ego, competition, or drama. For 19 years they have been based in Rochester NY where they have been instrumental in growing communities in Rochester, Geneva, and Buffalo. Their Rochester home has been DancEncounters, which Barbara  owned and operated for 19 years. In January of 2017, Barbara and Alden relocated to Jacksonville with plans to make Jacksonville their permanent base for all things Tango.

Alden Stevens arrived in Jacksonville from New York State in February, 2013,  and spent several months teaching Tango at Boleros Ballroom. The following two years he taught at Monarch Ballroom, thanks to the graceful assistance of Monarch Ballroom owners Chris and Christa Thomas. Alden is the archetype of the “Tango Gypsy;” he lives full-time in a motorhome, traveling from city to city, milonga to milonga, tango moment to tango moment…

Alden began studying Argentine Tango at DancEncounters in Rochester, New York more than thirteen years ago.  Since then, he has lived and studied  Tango in Montréal, Ithaca, Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, Nejmegen, Dublin, and Paris, among too many others to mention.  Alden began teaching Argentine Tango seven years ago, first with private students by request, and then in classrooms and workshops in association with his first tango instructor, Barbara Warren.

Alden’s approach to Argentine Tango is one of grace and demystification: 

“Argentine Tango is in many ways an enigma,” he says.  “Viewed from one perspective, Argentine Tango is infinitely recessive.  True mastery can never be attained, for there is always a new experience, a deeper understanding...wonder and awe are always just over the horizon…but at the same time, no dance form is more accessible, even to newcomers.  No matter how complex or dizzying one’s aspirations or abilities may be, Argentine Tango remains forever and always nothing more than a contemplative walk to beautiful music in the arms of a cherished stranger…”
 Barbara Warren is a full-time certified dance teacher who has been teaching dance for most of her life. She brings to her dancing a strong ballet background, as well as many years of ballroom dancing and teaching. She learned her early tango 26 years ago from Danel and Maria Bastone, as well as the wonderful teachers at Dance Manhattan, and later studied in upstate New York with Matej Oresic. Other important tango influences include Florencia Tacetti, Eric Jorissen and Bergitta Winkler. Barbara’s teaching style, however, is uniquely her own. She teaches on multiple levels at once – kinetic, verbal, emotional, and intellectual. Her focus, always, is on partnership connection and musicality, and she brings to her classes a deep and abiding love and understanding of Tango.

For 19 years Barbara owned and operated DancEncounters, the premiere independent dance studio in Rochester NY, specializing in bringing nervous new dancers into the world of social dancing. Barbara Is now permanently located in Jacksonville.