Argentine Tango Workshops
With Jorge and Anabel
Saturday, June 3d, 2 - 10pm
At Beyond Just Dance 1580 Wells Rd, Orange Park



About Jorge And Anabel

Jorge is an excellent social dancer--although he dances stage tango, he is a relatively more natural tanguero who feels things precisely and analyzes them in his body. His experience in dancing folklore from a young age helps him to be very grounded as a dancer.

Jorge was a Professor of Dance at Instituto Universitario Nacional de Artes, and he takes his teaching very seriously—he has the ability to explain how to let the things happen in the body that make the tango movement what it is. Although he performs and teaches in many venues in Buenos Aires he is a prolific social dancer and one of the preferred invitees at private house milongas.

Anabel was initially trained in Ballet dance, taking complementary subjects such as contemporary dance, folklore, staging and flamenco. She also teaches women's classes in how to lead.



2:00pm to 3:15pm - Caminatas Milongueras for Tango Salon
-Axis recognition, conexión and embrace
-Musical interpretation with different orchestras

3:30pm to 4:45pm - Secuencias de giro
-Circular movement exercises
-Upper and lower body consciousness
-Open and close embrace
-Musical interpretation with different orchestras

8pm to 9pm
-Pre-Milonga lesson:Introduction to milonga steps!

9pm to Midnight: Milonga and performance by Jorge and Anabel


Cost: $25 per workshop, Students $15
Pre -milonga class milonga with show, $10 each
Milonga free with all three classes

Private lessons ore available.

For more information call Tangoseed at 585 414-1554 or email